As always, this last year, we have spent the majority of our time building and fixing websites for our customers rather than paying attention to our own website and keeping that up-to-date.  This goes against the advice we give to our customers.  Business has been very good, with some fantastic projects and new customers coming on board, and we felt it was time to rebuild our website and showcase some of those that we build for other people.

Included on our new homepage is an explainer video, which tells you exactly what we can do for you in 45 seconds.  Research has shown that this type of video is very valuable as 80% of people would much rather watch a short video that read an entire web page.  Google has latched onto this concept and now tends to favour websites that offer video content in addition to textual content as they feel it improves the user experience.

Our portfolio section has been updated to include some of the more recent work we have carried out, newer fresh designs.  As with all of the websites we build for our customers, the new Ashford Web Services website is fully responsive: meaning it automatically adjusts to fit whichever device is being used to view it, whether desktop based or a handheld device such a tablet or mobile smartphone.  This feature was also available on our previous website and really is an essential feature required for any modern-day website.  Hence why we only build responsive websites.  If you’re website is not responsive, the search engines will not like it and may even penalise you by putting you lower down the rankings.

Anyhow, please have a click around and look at examples of our work and of course get in touch if you feel we can be of service to you.