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Covid-19 Update: Ashford Web Services would like to ensure all of our customers that we are following government guidelines with regard to social distancing measures.  We are working from home and are operating normal business hours.  Our staff is now having regular Covid lateral flow tests. We now are able to arrange face-to-face consultations to discuss your web project, in addition to remote meetings via apps such as Zoom, FaceTime, WhatsApp, and Skype.  If you would like to arrange a video call simply call us on 07904795522 or 01233 535 008. Thank you.

Some examples of our web design work ...

Ashford Electrical Testing

John Pace, Ashford

St. Reatham Cottage, Devon

Tony Harden Criminal Lawyers, Ashford

Moore Building Services, Ashford

Adroit Real Estate Advisors

Charing Parish Council, Kent

Harrington’s Beauty, Bethersden

Spectacular Fun Fairs, Kent

Heather Young Celebrant

Bella Blu Outdoor Design

South Willesborough & Newtown Community Council

Why Choose Ashford Web Services?

Ashford Web Services builds modern websites which work seamlessly on most modern hand-held devices, such as smartphones and tablets, as well as more traditional laptop and desktop devices.  Our designs are ‘responsive’ which means they automatically adjust in order to best fit whichever device is being used to view them.   We feel this type of dynamic design is expected these days.

Every website project has its own unique requirements, design and functionality.  Our mindset is to keep it fresh, modern, responsive, robust and reliable.  All the while managing to keep our prices extremely competitive.

For any queries please get in touch via | 01233 535 008 | 07904795522.

WordPress Training in Ashford Kent

We choose WordPress as our preferred website platform.  This is because our customers find it easy to use.  Because WordPress is and Content Management System (CMS), you are able to log-in and make your own changes.  Therefore, if you wish to create a news article or a new webpage, you may do so and it’s a pretty easy system to use.  For those with online shops, you may wish to add a new product, some images, change a price or create a voucher code.

If you’re familiar with using regular desktop-based software, such as Microsoft Office products, you’ll find WordPress a breeze.  Furthermore, we can teach you how to use your website and carry out every task you wish to learn how to do.  Because every website is different, we will speak to you beforehand and make sure we have an understanding of which tasks and elements you wish to learn.

We can also show you how to take care of maintenance tasks such as taking back-ups of your website and updating any plugins.  We can train one-on-one or in a small group of up to 6 people.

Our training courses are bespoke for your website, which ensures you get exactly what you need from the training.

Here's a Short Video About Us

Your Local Web Service Provider

If you’re looking for a local web design company based in Ashford Kent, then we truly are your guys!  We have bags of enthusiasm, combined with years of experience and a great vision for the future.  What more could you really want than Ashford Web Services?

We promise to work with you at every step of the way and help you achieve your online goals. From your initial idea, through the creative process, to your online presence and your SEO/SEM campaigns.  Ashford Web Services offers assistance on a personal level which will help you accomplish all of your web-related goals, in a timely manner.

Once we have discussed your requirements and you have obtained your quote, we do encourage you to shop around some of the other local web agencies to see how much they charge.  We’re confident that our prices are great and you’ll receive the exact same quality of work for a lot less than other companies are charging.  This is because we work from home and do not have the heavy overhead fees of a town-based office.

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Our Client Base

We receive approximately 10% of new work through this website.  The rest of our work comes from personal recommendations made by clients we have previously worked with.  We believe this speaks volumes when it comes to what our customers really believe in their experiences of working with us.

There are many local businesses we have built relationships with over the years, from a wide range of trades and industries.  We have also worked with client-based as far away as New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Mozambique, Chicago, Detroit, Portugal and Spain.  All of this has been due to word-of-mouth for a business who set out to provide website services to small local businesses.  We’ve even trained in Chiang Main, Northern Thailand.

We Take Pride In All Of Our Work

Every website project has its own unique requirements, design and functionality.  Our mindset is to keep it fresh, modern, responsive, robust and reliable.  All the while managing to keep our prices extremely competitive.

All of our work takes place from our Ashford-based office. When required, we do work with some very high-quality graphic designers, fantastic copywriters and some specialist creative SEO writers.

We use only the most professional and creative staff, who we have established many years of working with.  Every individual piece of work is personally inspected by our CEO before being passed to the client.

Our Guarantee

Whether you have a clear plan for a new project or just an idea sketched on a napkin, we will take you to the finish line. You will have a website to feel proud of, which will function perfectly on all types of devices, hand-held and traditional.

Simply start the ball rolling by getting in touch for an informal chat, and we'll take it from there.


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