Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to build a website?
A basic website starts at just £399.  This will give you a basic website to showcase your business, hobby, club or charity using a Responsive website built in WordPress, which is a Content Management System (CMS).  WordPress is a fantastic web development tool and significantly cuts down the time it takes to build websites, therefore it is possible to have a basic website up and running within a couple of days.  Because every website is different, with some much bigger than others, whilst some require online shops, we would come to an agreed bespoke website solution to meet your budget after initially discussing your requirements. Please see our Special Offers page to give you an idea of costings.

Can you design a logo for my business?
Yes.  I work very closely with an extremely experiences Graphic Designer who can create a logo for your business for just £60.  The logo will be able to be used for your website, business cards, stationery and sign writing (even for vehicles).

What does Responsive Website mean?
A responsive website uses a style sheet that automatically adjusts how the website looks depending which type of device is being used to view it.  Whether it’s a smart phone, tablet or more traditional PC or laptop, your website will always look its best for whoever is viewing it.  Furthermore, search engines (in particular Google) are preferring websites that are responsive.  This is because it gives the user the best experience for any web viewing device they chose to use.  Most web viewing these days is done using a mobile device and therefore I only build responsive websites.

Can I add or edit the content within my website?
Yes.  Once your new website is up and running you will be given a user account that enables you to log-in and make changes to existing pages and blogs, as well as deleting and creating new ones.  WordPress is very easy to use and I’ve not yet had a customer struggle with it.  Alternatively I can make changes for you (once your website has been signed off) for a flat rate of just £35 per hour.  This is a very good price, as you will see if you shop around elsewhere.

Can you build me a web shop?
Yes.  There is a fantastic eCommerce plug-in available called WooCommerce which seamlessly integrates with WordPress and enables you to sell anything online.  You can even create product categories and upload your own product as and when required.

My current website looks old fashioned and does not work on mobile devices, what can I do?
This can easily be addresses with a bespoke fresh new look and feel, using a responsive WordPress theme.  Please contact us for more information.